Monday, October 16, 2023



The #2 property by quantity, if not by weight, in the Preordered Figures I Got While On Vacation list is Power Rangers.  The Lightning Collection appears to be winding down / taking a break, but they’re going out strong.

First up, oddly, is the first ever proper release of Rita Repulsa. Now, if you follow this space you know I have a Rita Repulsa, but she was only part of a tWedding Two-Pack with Lord Zedd and wasn’t completely accurate.

So they put one out just now, at the deluxe price point, that is, in fact, accurate. And while I may quibble a bit with the deluxe price point decision, there’s no denying this figure is solid.

Best feature is the three interchangeable faces. Second best is the extra hands. All of them combine to give you a huge variety of situartion-specific Rita looks and poses. 

I don’t know how much of the body is reuse. The elbows are classic Hasbro lady single elbows, which is a shame. More articulation under those robes would always be a bonus. The staff is great, the staff effects piece is, I think, a fancier, multicolor improvement on the original, and all in all, she looks good.

Her partner in this deluxe wave is the Minotaur, another excellent classic MMPR monster done up in all his detail and bulk. A couple weapons, a couple hands, and an effects piece that rests delicately on his head but doesn’t stay there (unless I’m missing something a quick YouTube review would reveal).

But his best accessory is something that should have come with every single monster release, and, in fact, Hasbro should retroactively release for all the previous monsters - the Finster clay miniature version of the Minotaur from his creation. This is awesome, because, well, they already made a Finster, so, you know, if Hasbro wants to put out a five buck set of mini clay monsters for Pirantishead and Pumpkin Rapper and King Sphinx and Pudgy Pig  and the rest, I’d snap it up.

And finally, my MMPR Remastered Collection hits 67% complete with Remastered Black.

Like all the Remastereds except Jason, the draw here is the new civilian head sculpt, which is fantastic, as you can see. The upgraded body with the extra articulation and improved paint detail is second. The swoopy effect pieces are a distant last.  I was fine with them at first, but the more I get them, the more dumb I think they are.  But I’m gonna get four more!

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