Saturday, October 21, 2023

PREORDER BRIDGE: Tekken Heihachi and Kazuya

I got one of my preordered GameDimensions Tekken figures while I was on fvacation, and one shortly after. Yes, we’ve officially moved on, sort of, from the pile of shit that dropped on my doorstep while I was away.
There’s no not comparing the GameDimensions Tekken figures to the Jada Toys Street Fighter figures. They have similar prince points, similar build quality, and similar accessories. And when you do this, you quickly realized that GameDimensions’ engineering, while good to very good, doesn’t hit the amazing heights of sculpt and poseability that Jada Toys pulled off.

The range of motion is just more limited. Not by a ton, but  the Street Fighter toys are so incredibly possible that they stand out in that regard. The Tekken toys feel like they SHOULD have the same range of motion, but don’t quite. 

But the sculpts, paint, and effects pieces are absolutely on par with the Street Fighter guys, plus, they came up with an accessory idea so clever that it’s half the reason I pre-ordered the entire line to date.

See that “READY” up there in the pic? That’s an accessory. A translucent plastic piece with some Tekken-styled on-screen text. It even comes with a clear plastic stand (digitally erased above) to pose the text on. Heihachi came with READY! and Jin came with ROUND 1. The upcoming Jin Kazama and King will be coming with ROUND 2 and FIGHT, not necessarily respectively. They’re just… fucking awesome. And it’s nice to have a decent Tekken figure line that’s not the incredibly expensive Storm Collectibles ones. I wonder if Jada or GameDimensions will get the rights to lower-end Mortal Kombat.

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