Tuesday, September 19, 2023



Why did the worst Remastered figure shop three months early, and before the Black Ranger, which was supposed to be out in August? Do not question Hasbro or their ways.

Now, when I say Remastered Red is the worst Remastered figure, I’m not saying he’s bad. He’s still a Remastered figure, with updated articulation and paint and lots of accessories.

But there are two problems with the accessories. One, half the adccessories are for the Remstered Green Ranger. See, the Remastered wave has a removable Dragon Shield and corresponding arm bands, because technically, anyone can wear the Dragon Shield, and technically, Jason did once.  So they come with Red instead of Green so that Green can come with other, cooler, Green shit at the same price point.

Second, Remastered Red is the only Remastered figure to not come with an updated head sculpt, presumably because SOMEONE allegedly decided to commit some alleged COVID relief fraud and allegedly got caught. Allegedly.

Which is bad in and of itself, but also meant I had to figure out which of the four Generic White Guy heads in my Lightning Collection Heads Bag was in fact the old Austin St. John head so I could do this:

Because all six Remastered Rangers come with tiny morphers and the hands to hold them so you bet your ass there’s gonna be three more of these pics - one in October and two at some point between now and January, Hasbro and Entertainment Earth willing.

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