Tuesday, September 12, 2023

NEW TOY: Tarantula!


So, me, nostalgia, and memory have a real complicated relationship.

Most of the stuff I liked in childhood is stuff, to one degree or another, I still like now. So it’s been a continuous stream of liking sci-fi, comics, video games, etc. So there’s no gap to separate childhood nostalgia from My Current Interests,a at least most of the time.

Tarantula, though… Tarantula is a dude I have very specific memories of liking as a child, reading Spidey comics. Spider-Man furiously dodging the poison-tipped boot-spikes as what was, to me, a not-ridiculous-at-all villain . 

Now, of cours,e compared to your Venoms, your Dock Ocks, etc., Tarantula seems silly, but that’s fine too. This is a dead on recreation of what I remember him looking like, so if he’s inaccurate in any way, so is my brain, and that’s fine.

And if I want to have him lead the Sinister Ten Or Maybe Eleven (FORESHADOWING), that’s my goddamned prerogative.

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