Sunday, August 13, 2023

NEW TOYS: Preorder Party!

 August is a moderate-to-large month for preorders, and the last week or so saw about half of them drop.First up, my Animated Spidey Marvel Legends collection grows again, with May Jane and the Green Goblin. Since it’s 30 years later, I figured she could do the kidnapping. Mary Jane is fairly basic with optional fists / open hands, while Goblin comes with the glider, the pumpkin bomb, and a Norman Osborne head. The next set in the series is Peter Parker / Smythe, which I have on preorder despite giving a bit less of a shit about Smythe than a host of possible Spidey villains they could have chosen. 

Target sent me things before I saw them in the stores! Halle-fucking-lujah!

First (by ship date, at least) there was Batgirl ‘66, which will pparently be my last Batman ‘66 figure for a while. The next wave is all inspired by the comics. And while that’s not a deal-breaker for me - Batgirl is technically comics-based because of licensing issues and I got the entirely comcs- and/or animated movie-based Two-Face - the new wave is all weird stuff that’s not as far as I can tell based on anything from the Bat-universe.

But Batgirl is nice - another excellent execution given the limitations of the Batman ‘66 style.

On the opposite end of the articulation spectrum is the new Marvel Legends Avengers Black Widow, debuting their new female body that adds butterfly joints and an ab crunch to the relatively recent pinless double knees and elbows for an incredible range of motion. 

She’s also a semi-deluxe figure, at the $28 price point, because she comes with three heads, lots of hands, two guns, and three different pairs of stinger bracelets. Everything you need for a pretty much definitive comics Black Widow, ready to take out a couple of Snake Eyes because I was too lazy to remember which bin I’d put my Generic Ninja Goon in.

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