Sunday, June 18, 2023

THE FIGS OF SPRING: Wrestling Shit!


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May was a light month for wrestling toys, but what it lacked in quantity, it made up for in quality.

Mainly, that took the form of my preorder of Jazwares’ AEW Supreme Collection 3, featuring both of the Lucha Bros, Penta El Cero Miedo and Rey Fenix. Penta and Fenix are two of my favorites of all time, going back to their Lucha Underground days, and while technically I already had their first Jazwares figures, there was no way I wasn’t gonna get the super-fancy ones.

And much like the Supreme Malakai Black I got as a gift, these are SUPER fancy. They come with tons of bits representing their All Out title victory in 2021, including Aztec headdresses, varsity jacket vests and arms, in-ring arms, tons of heads, and tons of hands. Plus Penta’s ring gear is his Joker-themed gear, one of his most iconic ring attires.

It doesn’t get much more perfect than this. Sculpts are great, paint is great, including fists with tiny knuckle tattoos for both guys. Accessories work like they should, and the hand selection allows them to do  their signature Cero Miedo and Animo taunts. Heck, they come with so many hands, you can have Penta taking one glove off and tossing it:

As with the other Supreme figs, articulation is great - double where it needs to be double, pinless, great range of motion overall, letting you do things like Fenix’s rope rebound heel kick: (Full disclosure, this did need two stands to pull off.)

So, yeah, They’re on the pricier side, being Supreme figs, but the amount of plastic and details means they’re a surprisingly good value, all things considered. Cheaper than a Super7 Ultimates, and I like them way better.

Moving briefly outside the six inch realm for a moment, my both literal and figurative tiny Micro Brawler collection grew by one when Very Evil Danhausen finally arrived.

I don’t collect a lot of small, immobile PVC figurines, but I did get the Danhausen one from back before he signed with AEW and it was literally the first officially licensed Danhausen figure of any type. And if you have Very Nice danhausen, you need Very Evil Danhausen, comnplete with tooth jar and railroad spike. 

Has Very Evil Danhausen only appeared once? Yes. Do I care? Hell no. So, until Jazwares gets around to a six inch VE Danhausen (virtually inevitable), I have this.

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