Monday, June 19, 2023


And so we wrap up May’s toys with two of the Marvel Legends Across The Spider-Verse toys - Spider-Woman and Spider-Punk.

I didn’t need a Miles, Gwen, or Spider-Man 2099 because I have the first two from the first movie, and the comics version of the latter. I passed on The Spot because of his weird proportions but I’m not averse to getting him on clearance. But these I had to have.

This wave is weird because it’s packaged oddly, and everyone’s got even more movie-accurate proportions, compared to the original movie’s more “these designs as a Marvel Legends figure” My preference varies from figure to figure, but tese two work.

Biggest flaw, and I don’t know if it was intended to avoid character spoilers or not, but I really would have liked an unmasked Spider-Punk head after seeing the movie. Otherwise, they’re solid Marvel Legends figures, and more sturdy thank you’d think given their skinny limbs. Not much else to say.

Time to start on June! Only… 17 figs and an accessory set so far this month!

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