Tuesday, November 15, 2022

It’s Been A Busy Fall In A Busy Year

Whoops, looks like I haven’t posted (here) since the end of July. Lot of reasons for that. Some of which don’t go on the Internet.

The two big things that happened that will eventually be covered in this space? Well, for a few weeks before Labor Day, as those of you on Twitter saw, we went to the British Isles for a whirlwind tour. It was fun and tiring and I didn’t catch COVID somehow despite spending two weeks on a bus with like t50 couging elderly mostly unmasked people. Go Team N85.

Also, all year, we’ve been working on getting a solar + battery system installed in the house, which really kicked into gear right after we got back from the trip, took abou five weeks from start of installation to system activation, and then a couple weeks of rearranging the basement post-install. Which brings us, frankly, to about three weeks ago, during which I did some writing-and-not-posting and also Vampire Survivors came out and ate my brain.

So yeah, I’m gonna spend some time getting some posts ready and writing some more stuff now that the brain’s more up to it. I’m also embarking on two new figure photo projects soon, one minor and one… epic.

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