Wednesday, November 16, 2022

We Bought A Wave

OK, full disclosure. This is technically not the third full wave of action figures I’ve bought since I got heavy into the six inchers a couple of years ago. It’s the third. But the first two don’t count.
The first one doesn’t count because it was the The Suicide Squad wave, which was only four figures and it was an impulse buy at Target. I’ve bought four figures from a wave all kinds of times before. This was not a big deal. And they came with all the parts to make a King Share, so what was I supposed to do? 

The second full wave was the Marvel Legends Into The Spider-Verse wave, which I bought most of the figures from because they’re fucking Into The Spider-Verse figures. And they came with pieces of Stilt Man. And like a year later I saw Frog-Man from the wave on clearance online and I thought, hell, he’s goofy and I just need that one Stilt Man piece. So I ordered it and it came and I got all the pieces together and fuck there were two more figures in that wave. So then I had to do that same Last Figure routine with the Hand Ninja except chastened and not particularly on clearance.

But the Disney + Wave 2 Marvel Legends wave is the first full, big-ass wave I ever bought on purpose, by pre-ordering and everything, and it arrived last Wednesday. In two shipments. That shipped a full week apart, but thanks to FedEx fuckery managed to arrive on the same day. So fuck it, I decided to go all out with the photos since I don’t keep packaging.

I could go through them all individually but let’s face it - these are all standard, reasonable-quantity Marvel Legends. Mostly pinless joints, mostly double elbows and knees (Sharon Carter seems to have pinned single elbows), alternate hands, heads that closely resemble their actors, good sculpts, good paints, basic weapons. And the build a fig pieces which make What If’s INFINITY ULTRON:
Who is a bit small by Build A Fig standards and is only a bit bigger than She Hulk but he’s an appropriate scale and way better than the first Disney+ fig which included the pieces for SamCap’s wing pack that the figure should have come with to begin with and also wasn’t a great grouping of character designs.

So what better way to celebrate a group of vaguely related heroes than a group photo? And a big group photo needs a NEW FIGURE PHOTO SETTING! 

Spent more time than a competent person would have cutting out that railing so I could layer the figs between it and the rest of the background and swiped the Ms. Marvel step effects from show stills. But now I have it and can use it for other stuff.

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