Sunday, October 28, 2018

An Old Nerd Does Some More Singing Not LIke That You Pervs

Get it? It’s like that other thing!
Spider-Man for PS4 is offering up three story mode DLC packs, collectively called “The City Never Sleeps”. They’re interconnected and coming out at the ends of October, November, and December. And I just finished the first one.

First and foremost, Insomniac is packing a LOT into these. People on the Internet say it’s three hours, but it took me longer. Plus, all of it is fully written and voice acted with the same (roughly) quality of the main game. There’s one new enemy type, one new enemy skin, new random crimes that build on and recombine elements of other ones, one collection side mission with story, new challenges, and about 10 story missions, all but one of which involve you doing stuff as Spidey.

The Parker emphasis isn’t big in this one because, well, The Heist is all about Black Cat, and Black Cat knows who Spider-Man is because they’ve fuuuuuuked. The Heist leans HEAVILY on the classic trope that Peter Parker is extra stupid when it comes to Felicia Hardy, which I accept because it’s a classic trope but it’s not one I’ve ever been super fond of. That plays out pretty much how you’d expect, but thankfully, its affect on the Peter-Mary Jane relationship from the main game doesn’t go at all like you’d expect, and keeps the main game’s more mature approach.

All in all, it was surprising how much of it there was and how good it was. I’m used to buying season passes for open world games where each add-on bit can be polished off in about fifteen minutes, so the bang for the buck is huge here.

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