Sunday, May 20, 2018

Weekly Wrasslin’ Wrouindup (May 14-16)

More of this please. Lots more. For a title.
Ah, the periodic European tours. A chance for WWE to pre-tape Raw and SMackdown in front of smarky British crowds, make lots of royal wedding jokes, and estabilsh a few more Money IN The Bank challengers. EVENTS OF SIGNIFICANCE:

Bobby Roode and Kevin Owens qualify for Money In The Bank on Raw.

Roode defeated Baron Corbin and No Way Jose to earn his spot. Owens started the night by losing an excellent Intercontinental Title match against Seth Rollins, then got put into the second qualifying match against Bobby Lashley and Elias after Roman Reigns took out Jinder Mahal backstage. Yes, Reigns-Mahal is happening. be still your beating heart. Also happening, in all likelihood, Sami Zayn / Bobby Lashley, with Zayn doing his best to sell an expose on Lashley’s past (never a good storyline) and then beating the shit out of Lashley to help Owens win.

Alexa Bliss qualifies for the women’s match on Raw

She defeated Bayley and I think MIckie James? Match was fine.

The New Day defeats The Bar and gets to pick a member for the MitB match

OK match. I expect them tok pick Big E.

Becky Lynch beats Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille to qualify

Becky wouldn’t be a bad face briefcase holder after the big heel Carmella run.

It’s Jax Vs. Rousey at Money In The Bank

They did this at the NBC Universal Upfronts as a stunt, with Jax challenging Rousey and Rousey being all “oh I don’t deserve it yet” before ultimately accepting. It should be an interesting match, because both Rousey’s skills and Jax’s ability to carry someone like Rousey are both very untested.

It’s Asuka Vs. Carmella at Money In The Bank

It makes sense, I suppose, but when it comes time to do my MitB predictions, it’s going to put me in an awkward position, because neither outcome really makes a ton of sense.

Nakamura beats Styles to pick the stipulation for their Money in the Bank match

And does it by faking being nutshot by AJ while the ref was distrated. I love that this whole storyline revolves around testicular injury, because Gallows and Anderson aren’t making non-stop ball jokes during it.

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are now “The B Team”

They settled on that name after Angle told them “The A Team” was copyrighted. This is a ridiculous goofy loser gimmick that can get over and stay over for about eight months, like Heath Slater’s “I Got Kids” run or, before him, Damien Mizdow. This will probably culminate with a title win and short reign sometime in the depths of fall to fill time during one of the lesser PPV’s.

Andrady “Cien” Almas debuts

Squash match and Zelina Vega post-match promo.


Bonus kudos to Dozer of Heavy Machinery for his insane parts of their backstage promo on NXT this week.

Bonus kudos to Ricochet and Velveteen Dream who put on the best match of the week on NXT despite it being only half a match, when Lars Sullivan interfered and ruined it. They take him on together in a handicap match next week.

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