Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Superhero Catch Up Post

OK, between getting sick and not caring, I’m a few eps behind on posting around the various hero shows. But nothing’s really changed. All three shows are sticking with their patterns.

Flash continues to be awful, with recent episodes really playing up the series’ frequent flirtations with awful gender dynamics and writing for women. There are ocasional flashes of not-awful in the righting, but they’re few and far between.

Arrow keeps trying to mine an awful season arc for the best stories it can tell under the circumstances, and sort of kind of succeeds but not really. I mean, yeah, OK< Human Target disguised as Tommy Merlynn is about the only way I’d accept the return of Merlynn, but didn’t Flash just have a show where someone impersonated a dead person to get the hero out of a trial?

Agents of SHIELD continues to be the standout, despite its clumsy attempts to pretend it’s still happening around the same time as Infinity War. The weird tragedy of Glen Talbot continues as he becomes Graviton and goes insane is a fun, unexpected (three episodes ago) twist, but mentioing “New York” last week and “Thanos” in this last episode is about to raise some questions I don’t think the show’s capable of answering to any degree of satisfaction.

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