Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Black Lightning: “Black Jesus”

Dispensing street justice in a hoodie? Nobody will buy that.
OK, the weak link in Black Lightning continues to be the whitest guy on the show, who is, funnily enough, not the albino.

I am, of course, referring to James Remar as Peter Gambi, who started out as a weird tailor sidekick and in the past couple of episodes is now more of an unconvincing badass sidekick who’s keeping a bunch of secrets from Jefferson. In this case, the existence of a new vigilante who is also Jefferson’s daughter. Whether Gambi knows Thunder’s identity or not is as yet unrevealed.

Anyway, Gambi constantly seems like a character from a different, worse show. The rest of the show was good, with Anissa figuring out that vigilanting ain’t easy, Black Lightning sort of discovering the organization that Tobias is a part of, and a really disturbing scene where Tobias’ mysterious boss, Lady Eve, vacuums(?) the insides out of a living dude on a slab and/or a zombie? Anyway, it was fucked up.

Eve suggests a psychological attack, so Whale is going to try to turn Jennifer’s now-paralyzed boyfriend against Black Lightning to turn the public against him. Since we’re four episodes in, I suspect the plan will work around epiisode 6 and stop working around episode 10. But I look forward to seeing Jefferson handle the approbation of the community, since it’s something completely new to him.

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