Sunday, April 7, 2024

PREORDER ACQUIRED: Patch and Joe Fixit


I blame Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Under normal circumstances, I would not have wanted nor gotten this two-pack. I have at least one goo Wolverine, with a second on preorder. I have a perfectly good Joe Fixit. I don’t need them in white tuxes. Excelpt… except this famous cover which I’ve painstakingly recreated.

This cover was one of the first Wolverine variants added to Marvel Puzzle Quest, a game I spent way too much time playing before I finally overcame the sunk cost fallacy and realized the constant grind wasn’t fun. I saw this cover A LOT. So it etched some grooves in my brain, so when the toys came outt I ended up getting them.

And they’re very nice. There aren’t any surprises here. They can’t actually cross their arms like on the cover. The Hulk isn’t that different than my other Hulks. The Wolverine isn’t that different from any other Marvel Legends figure. They come with extra heads and hands. But they do look like this. In white tuxes. Which is cool. And also it gave me an idea, because they’re not the ONLY whitee-tuxedoed figures in the collection…

Did some color correcting on the cover because club Obi Wan Indy’s jacket is yellow as hell when next to these two,

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