Sunday, April 28, 2024

ACQUSITION: A Bunch Of Wrestling Stuff

 Look, I needed new ropes. Or “needed” them.

So recently, AEW changed their ring ropes to white from black. This is after using red ropes for Collision since the start. I only had black ropes. But the fine people at Figures Toy Company where I got a bunch of stuff back in March sells a four-pack of replacement ropes in red, white, blue, and black. And since I was making an order anyway, I perused the catalog and filled my cart.


This includes one brown breakable folding table, one tablecloth, two “plush” style chairs, and a little contract. I love the chairs - they’re even nicer than the ones that come with the Jazwares announcers. FTC also makes a very good table, and the contract is perfect. The tablecloth is just a square scrap of fabric full of creases, so I had to poster tack it in place. I may work to replace it with something a little heavier, a little bigger, and maybe with some wire or weight on it so it hangs normal.


I got two more of the tables in black, because I find their brown tables a bit too light. These are a bit too dark, but what are you gonna do? Anyway, they hold together well and stand well which is all I ask for.


I got four of the ringside floor mats, because that’s all I should need for photos. They have velcro on the inside edges, but they’re attached with double-stick tape, and the tape and the Velcro have about the same grip strength so it’s 50/50 when you pull them apart which will give way. I’m sure they’re intended to be set up once or twice ever as part of a permanent display, but I may end up taking the Velcro off altogether since I only need them to stay in place for minutes at a time.


I got this mainly so I could do a Pec Injury 2023 Danhausen. It’s really well-sized except for the strap, which is understandably long. Which can be dealt with.


I got this largely speculatively because it was tough to tell from the website whether this was fabric or plastic. It’s a very well-sculpted plastic. The only issue is the long strap is painfully short, so I’m not sure how or if I’ll ever end up using it. It looks great, though.


I mean, it’s a top hat. It is… large. I don’t know if it’s sized for WWE heads and those run large, or hair, or what, but I ended up pulling out The Orb to make sure it’d fit tight on a head. Still a nice top hat though.

All in all, a good haul of useful accessories at a reasonable price. 

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