Monday, December 19, 2022

PRE-ORDER ARRIVED: MMPR Lightning Collection Snizzard


Snizzard! Destroy the power plant!

There’s a whole lot going on here, and most of it is snakes.

So many snakes! Snakes around his legs! Snakes around his arms! A snake bow with a snake arrow! A snake lasso! A coiled snake to wrap around other figures (not pictured)! Two tiny snake arms in his weird fucking mouth! He’s half snake, half lizard by weight, but by numbers? Snakes dominate.

This is the latest in the Deluxe Monster Collection from Hasbro, which now includes King Sphinx, Pumpkin Rapper, Eye Guy, Pudgy Pig, Pirantishead, and Snizzard.These tend to run around 8 inches tall, scaling nicely with the 6” Rangers. All of them have been in the official Bryan MMPR Collecting Range of “Everything before Turbo, everything Tommy”, so they get added to the collection.

Apart from all the snake stuff I mentioned above, Snizzard also has a energy apple effect for the top of his head (show-accurate, of course) and a weird mouth that opens on a belly hinge to get crazy wide open. Again, show accurate, but man, what a wild design.

Beyond that, is’t standard for this line. Decent articulation, great sculpt, very accurate, good accessories, and honkin’ big. They haven’t announced any new monsters recently so I may be on a long lull for Power Rangers until summer 2023, when the Alien Rangers five pack I already preordered ships. EVERYTHING BEFORE TURBO.

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