Friday, December 16, 2022

MOAR PLASTIC: McFarlane Dark Knight Returns Wave

Entertainment Earth’s Black Friday sale put this wave on sale super cheap. I have fond memories of the Dark Knight Returns comics that, yes, take into consideration everything since and how I’ve changed and the world has changed in the intervening decades. But some of the designs are very iconic.

The figures all look like they should. They also all suffer from limited (slightly by McFarlane standards, more so by general standards” articulation. Three of the figures comes with things they can hold, but, as you can see, only one of them can fucking hold it. The hands are too thick and stiff, and the knife (Joker) and rope (Batman) are too soft and flexible. Proportions are really nice, though. Robin is easily my favorite of the set. Or, technically, second favorite, because this was a Build A Figure wave that I bought because I could get the BAF for $45 total and the figures are just a bonus.


I have many usess for a generic six to seven inch scale horse, believe you me. It’s not a perfect horse, but it’s a perfectly reasonable horse. 

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