Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Flash: “True Colors”

Not everything about Mary Poppins is cool.
All I really ask of any given episode of The Flash is that it not be egregiously stupid. Give me that and I will forgive almost anything else. And so it is with “True Colors”.

I still can’t forgive Amunet Black’s accent, on account of it being unforgivable and the worst. But everything else? Pretty reasonable stuff. Oh, sure, I could nitpick about how many crises of faith Ralh Dibny needs to be talked through this season, and Caitlyn/Frost is still really not clicking on the acting front, but the plot was relatively hole-free, very few of the characters acted like idiots, and the plot moved forward, all things The Flash struggles with on the regular, so credit where credit is due.

Anyway, plot-wise, Barry is out of prison on a technicality (Ralph impersonates DeVoe, ergo DeVoe wasn’t murdered, ergo Barry didn’t kill him) although how Ralph doesn’t have to pretend to be DeVoe forever now wasn’t brought up. And DeVoe has sucked up a bunch of powers, is now inhabiting the body of Luck Girl, and is going increasingly off the rails, abandoning his plans and alienating his wife. I kind of hope his undoing is that he just goes friggin’ bonkers instead of some convoluted Team Flash Believes In Itself bullshit, but I know what show I’m watching so I’m not expecting it.

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