Friday, February 9, 2018

Arrow: “Some Bullshit About The Devil”

Enjoy this for the rest of the season, I guess.
Small man in suit murdered and replaced by large man in suit. Alert the media!

Yes, Cayden James, the cold, calculating middle manager of death, is no more. In the final hour of his life, he developed emotions, through a series of flashbacks involving, I shit you not, him missing his son’s big sportsball game because he was working too hard. That’s some punchable shit right there.

That is the only radical character shift in the episode. Laurel is still Trying Too Hard To Be Super Evil, Dinah is Full REvenge Mode, and William is dumb. Nobody else really gets much to do beyond run around in suits and say some plot-furthering things.

I was really hoping the elaborate plot to set up Cayden James to blow up the city was serving a purpose more interesting than garden variety comic book crime boss shit, but apparently not. Diaz has gotten so little screen time that him being revealed as the new villain wasn’t a shocking twist, it was just a twist. In the wind.

Oh, and Quentin Lance kidnapped his doppleganger daugher and drove off to her presumably to some kind of Alternate Universe Murderes Anonymous rehab clinic or something. Even though villain redemption is only slightly less retready than busy dad bullshit.Now that Arrow is no longer the most watchable superhero show on the CW, it’s going to have to start stepping up it’s fucking game.

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