Sunday, February 18, 2018

Black Lightning: “Some More Bullshit About The Devil”

Still not buying it.
Black Lighting gets its own overly long title about the devil that I’m not going to fucking type out or try to remember, but at least it’s a better episode than Arrow’s was.

At this point, things are mostly moving forward along the lines established by the first four episodes. Jefferson is pursuing the hero thing, but it’s causing weird detrimental side effects. Gambi is playing some kind of game and is in the middle of everything and we’re not sure which side he’s on. Anissa is doing a bit of Karen Paging, looking through dusty old newspaper files on her grandfather with an old black journalist begrudging mentor, and also doing some superheroing with her own powers and costume. Police chief is reluctant, Tobias has daddy issues he solves by murdering his father slowly.

In other words, no real surprises or twists, just solid plotting building on what’s come before. I’m still not sold on Bambi as a character or part of the show at all, but maybe he’ll end up being evil and we’ll be rid of him. Probably not.

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