Wednesday, July 3, 2024

SALE STUFF: wicket, Endor REbel Commando


Never trust an Ewok.So, in pursuit of a figure I ultimately could not preorder (the new Classified Cobra Commander), I was on the Hasbro Pulse site looking to compile a cartt full of items I wanted that would also meet the various requirements for sales and free shipping. As part of that, I beefed up my Original Trilogy Black Series collection.

Wicket would have been a serious disappointment at regular price. Little tiny guy with a bunch of molded unpainted weapons to fill out the box. He’s fine. He’s Wicket, he looks good. He’s small and engineered weird, though. One of his elbows is that kind of single joint deep detent that you know is gonna break the arm before the joint bends. No knees. Too small for knees. But sometimes you need an Ewok and this Ewok was on sale.

Similarly, the Rebel Commando was a huge NOPE at the inexplicably deluxe figure price of $35. It’s a very good figure, but a big backpack, a few guns, and an extra face do not aa $10 premium make. He was also on clearance, though, so well worth it at what I paid. I’m going with the beardy face option, though - the generic dude is toobland.

Of course, now that I’ve pre-ordered a Rebel Trooper from A New Hope that they’re rereleasing, I clearly need a Hoth Trooper to have one from each movie. Luckily those are very reasonable, below retail even, on the secondary market.

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