Tuesday, July 2, 2024

JUNE IMPULSE PURCHASE: NECA Gargoyles Armored Xanatos

 A funny thing happened in Target…

About a month ago, I’d seen this figure in the Fancy Toys section of Target, and it really struck a chord with me. It’s a robot, it’s got wings, but also it’s a dude and that dude is technically Jonathan Frakes. But the NECA price point was giving me pause, especially since I was in the middle of hunting for a bunchh of NECA-priced TMNT figures.

A month later, same Target, and they had the new Marvel Legends Angel on the shelf. Normal, mostly re-used Hasbro dude body. Two alternate hands. Big wings. That’s it. Thirty five bucks. Pretty standard price point for a Hasbro deluxe figure, but seemed a little… light. Then I looked at this figure again. Robot dude body, robot head, regular head, neck piece, like eight hands, swappable arm cannons, and three jet effects. Thirty SEVEN bucks. 

Dear reader, it’s amazing how quickly a value proposition can shift. Plus, honestly, if you ask me which character I have a stronger association with, while neither are huge on the list, Xanatos edges out Angel by a few percentage points.

Anyway, he’s very nice. It’s a NECA fig, so the build quality is strong but not QUITE strong enough to provide a truly stable feeling on a figure this size and weight. Especially at the waist, which could stand to be a fair amount tighter, But the sculpt (apparently the Steel Clan Robot sculpt, re-used, but I don’t want or need that), great red and silver paint job, very good articulation, great wings.

The only other flaw is that he has jets for his jet boot feet and a jet for his back, but the feet ones to me don’t peg in very deep or securely, so they’re not an option for permanent posing. Or even worth the hassle for a one-off pic like this. But the Super Action Stuff firing effect works real nice with a bit of poster tac on the arm cannon.

I’m VERY light on the Gargoyles line because I don’t have a deep attachment to the show, but the ones I’ve gotten (Demona, Goliath, and now this) I’ve been very happy with.

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