Friday, March 29, 2024

THE REST OF MARCH, PART 1: More Preorders, Etc.


Preorders are coming in faster than I’m making new ones, which is always a good place to be. Although the new Masters of the Universe cartoon drops blew the ratio a bit.

Kicking off with one of my few (near-) completist obsessions, the Hasbro Marvel Legends Animated Spider-Man VHS 2-Packs. With the exception of the original Venom and Carnage pack, I’m all in on these, and the latest to show up on my doorstep is Daredevil and Hydro-Man.

Quick note - the waterspout behind Hydro-Man didn’t come with Hydro-Man. It’s a stand from a very old Marvel Legends Namor, back when Toy Biz was running the line and doing elaborate stands with their first 6” figures. But I figured it’d work nice and with a little poster tac, Hydro-Man can use it just fine.

The Daredevil is my second figure on the ultra-articulated “Renew Your Vows” Spider-Man body, although fun fact - I don’t have a Spider-Man with that body. Because for some reason they only used it for Spidey for that Renew Your Vows 2-pack, and I don’t want or need a Spinerette figure. At all. So right now it’s Daredevil and Deadpool.

Anyway, the Daredevil cel-shading is pretty heavy, but that works both for his look in the show and also for Daredevil in general, and I didn’t have a recent Daredevil (just one of the same Toy Biz era as that Namor) so that works. Hydro-Man is the latest in a long line of Clear Blue Plastic Toys, which I’m generally a sucker for. So this one was a no-brainer. See also the Dr. Strange / Morbius 2-pack, or rather, you will also see it when it eventually ships.

The Imperial Guard is the new figure here, a belated birthday gift filling another hole in the Star Wars Original Trilogy Black Series collection. He’s a Black Series Imperial Guard, so you know what to expect. Slightly more articulation than usual, which is what you get with any Black Series figure with soft goods like the cloth cloak here. He comes with the staff and, inexplicably, the tiniest lieele blaster pistol you ever barely saw. 

Finally the only figure I want from the second wave of X-Men ‘97 figures, Nightcrawler. I needed a good Nightcrawler, and this is a good Nightcrawler. I love the show, but the second wave is Cyclops (who I have), Jean Grey (let’s wait and see how this costume is used in the show), X-Ecutioner (appeared in one episode), Goblin Queen (appeared in one episode), and Magneto (have the red costume, don’t need the Giant M costume).

But this Nightcrawler looks great, has plenty of joints, two heads, some bonus fists, and I’m looking forward to him in the show. Plus I got to try to play around with the smoke/teleportation effects in the photo, stealing the setting from the live-action Nightcrawler sequence that opens X-Men 2.

OK. Now I have a bunch more compositing to do. 

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