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I love the Internet. I hate the Internet.

I saw these on the main YouTube toy guy I follow (Robo, now RoboDon’tKnow, formerly Fwoosh) and I had to have them. First, they’re 1/12 scale arcade machines, which is one of my things. Second, they light up. Third, they’re chock full of a wild assortment of weird accessories for 6” figures, all of which I thought were hilarious.

No, did I need both of them? Only sort of. I mean, they come with all the same accessories, except that many of them are available in different colors. But Cyber Dagger had the colors I wanted most, and Cats With Knives 2 is CATS WITH KNIVES 2, and there were in fact some things I did want doubles of. So there you go.

I also needed an intensive project to really get the hang of my new workflow that incorporates Affinity Photo 2. So I decided to do an elaborate photo shoot of all the accessories, for a sufficiently loose value of all. Some were exact duplicates. Some didn’t quite deserve multiple photos. And so far I’ve lost three of the accessories. Because they’re tiny. But get ready, this is gonna be a long one.

Boxing gloves! Here are half the boxing gloves, which fit on any figure with removable hands. MOdeled by Mr. T and Rhea Ripley in the Rocky 3 boxing ring.

Gas masks! Perfect for John Silver and Stu Grayson of the Dark Order when the pyrotechnic smnoke gets too thick. Smoke added in post. Also, this is a new entrance stage background I constructed out of a couple of other pics, just in time for Dynamite to change its set again.

SHE’S ON FIRE! Yes, there’s a fire effect in each set (identical), and any of the sports balls that come with either of the sets can be plugged into the fire effect for all your NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, or, I guess, that Mario soccer game needs.Aunt May sold separately.

Drumsticks! Buy both sets, get four drumsticks, lose one forever! They’re very small. But they can be held by Spider-Gwen.

Guitars and headphones! There’s a wood and a dark grey guitar, and a red and black set of headphones. I have hopes that the black headphones will turn up again someday. Elias has the guitar, Negasonic Teenage Warhead is not having it.

Fake vomit! I don’t know, honestly, how much need I’ll have in my life for two slightly differently colored fake vomits for six inch action figures, but they’re very well designed - they stand up securely and the… starting point is a near perfect height for the amount most 6” figs can bend at the waste. Like Frog-Man here! This is also how I learned to use adjustment layers to vary up lighting.

Sportsballs! Regular and blue soccer ball, regular and Nerf-lookin’ football, regular and Globetrotter-lookin’ basketball. You can probably figure out which figure I used.

AWAOOGA EYES. Like many of these accessories, they do require a little dot or two of poster tack to be attached (see also gas masks). Britt Baker cheking out her boyfriend Adam Cole’s moneymaker here, BAY BAY.

Spray paint cans! There’s one can and two effectgs per set, one red and one green each. You have to work to get the painted-shut removable plugs off the cans, but once you do that, everything works great. Only one thing I could do with these, obviously.Did some fake dynamic lighting on this one, too.

Canada’s finest professional wrestlers, Kenny Omega, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Tye Dillinger hit the rink from Shoresy to show off all four hockey sticks and one of the four (two black, two orange) hockey pucks. 

A handheld game system of some type with red and blue controllers on it. There’s also an all-black one in the other set if you’re more of a stemed decks kind of person. Modeled by Alf.


Seeing stars dizzy head effects! If there’s anything in these sets I wanted two of, it was this. One per set, flexible enough to fit over most heads, and there’s a gap in it too so even Heihachi’s big hair tufts aren’t a problem. Not sure how both he and Ryu got dizzy, but it happens.

Face masks! Another job for poster tack, in case you want to reboot The Brak Show and set it in the early 2020’s. 

Folding chairs and coffee mughs. I gotta say this. As a wrestling toy collector  for decades, I have a LOT of plastic folding chairs. And these are the best ones I’ve ever gotten. They’re solid in a way many are not. I like to think of this as Martin Freeman and Michal Pena hanging around on the lot.

VR Headsets and controllers! One in white, one in dark grey. Dark grey not pictured because one of the dark grey controllers is the third thing I lost.Still a slim chance it might turn up somewhere. And who better to explore the exciting new world inside of computers?

Cameras! Each set includes a camera body with swappable regular and super duper telephoto lenses, perfect for established, animated photojournalists or young live action peole just starting out in their first New York apartment.

And finally, disposable coffee cups, being enjoyed at a chalet by Snow Job. One per set. 

These packs are just piles of little plastic joy. They’re fun, they’re handy, they’re ridiculous, and I love them.

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