Saturday, July 1, 2023

NEW TOYS: The Day Of Tiny, Tiny Shit


I need to stress the importance of one thing right off the bat.CLEARANCE DOESN’T COUNT. Any collecting rules, self-imposed restrictions, or past statements are rendered completely invalid if the price point gets low enough.

See that tiny  T-shaped thing between the vial thing and the gem thing there? That’s a whistle, believe it or not. The whistle used to summon the Robo Racer by its driver, Power Rangers Turbo Blue Senturion. It came with his Lightning Collection figure. That figure is neither pre-Turbo nor a Tommy. It was a released figure when I got the Gamestop Goldar and said that meant I was done with all existing Lightning Collection figures.

Clearance doesn’t count.

It’s a very good figure of a design that was one of the best things about Power Rangers Turbo, and I’ve always known that, but it was sold as a Deluxe figure at a Deluxe figure price point, and not only did I not want it at the Deluxe price point, I missed out on them when Target put them on clearance. Or so I thought.

They must have gotten some more in, because they started popping up again. In-store scans still had it well above a regular figure price, but the website/app price was quite a bit below a regular figure price, so in-store pickup it was. And he’s great! An all new intricate sculpt with lots of paint (hence the Deluxe pricing usually reserved for oversize figures or additional accessories) And he comes with a tiny, tiny, easily losable whistle that would have been the smallest Hasbro accessory I got on Thursday were it not for…

Club Obi-Wan Indiana Jones, a figure I pre0ordered from Target months ago that Target didn’t send me even though I saw them in two different Targets over the course of two different weeks. So the second time I cancelled the pre-order and just bought it. 

I am, again, being very picky with non-Raiders Adventure Series figures, especially when it comes to Temple of Doom, but the opening sequence of that movie is good fun and the figure is good and most importantly, comes with the single greatest accessory of any toy in the history of civilization:

THE FLAMING SHISH KEBAB. Three chickens, three translucent painted flame effects, all on a sculpted sword. It is fucking glorious and is legit half the reason I decided to buy this figure. It’s amazing, and if you don’t think I’ll be using it in all kinds of photos for no other reason than how awesome it is, you haven’t been following this place very closely in the past year.

He also comes with an antidote jar, a teeny tiny antidote vial, and an even teenier tinier diamond that I think takes the record for Smallest Hasbro Accessory away from Boussh Leia’s thermal detonator. I think this stuff is gonna need its own tiny zip bag just to keep it safe inside a zip bag.

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