Monday, July 3, 2023

FIG PHOTO: [waka waka waka] DON’T LOOK, MARION! [waka waka waka]


Look, sometimes I get these ideas, OK?

The genesis for this picture came about during the very busy May, when I got the Ark of the Covenant, the Power Rangers Remastered figures with their funny little effects pieces, and still had Pac-Man floating around because I needed to reorganize my video game and cartoon figure bin.

So I threw the glowing yellow effects into the Ark, precariously balanced the lid, precariously balanced the ghost from Pac-Man like it was coming out, and took a straight-on pic. But I was never happy with how it turned out, plus, I had this other idea. I just needed a pole, and a landscape that roughly approximated the tied-up-on-a-hill from my memories of the Raiders scene.

The pole came from a Mulan playset bought many years ago. And the background? Well, despite the posting order, this background is my first foray into generative AI images. Bing Image Creator, to be exact, because they’re the only ones whose motives for offering it for free are plain and obvious. 

Now, do I, as a general rule, approve of generative AI, the marketing and hype around it, and using it to replace the work of actual artists? No I do not. And whenever possible, I’ll continue to use Creative Commons backgrounds via standard image searching. But nobody’s losing work if I can’t find, say, a dirt hill on the right at twilight, or a fancy small pedestal with a light shining down on it (to highlight a flaming shish kebab) that way and instead make a thing with an image creator and lay some toy photos on top of it and post it on a blog a dozen people read on a good day and also to my similarly dozen IG followers.  

Anyway, I really dig how this turned out, with all the post-compositing effects and such. 

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