Saturday, April 15, 2023

March Acquisitions Part 3: Preorders and Unintended Consequences

Six! Arms! 

Yes, my instant pre-order of the Marvel Legends Spiral arrived in March, and she's every bit as fantastic as she looks. I don't have a huge attachment to the -character- of Serial, but I do have a huge attachment to six-armed sword-wielding warriors with fur leggings, especially when one of the arms is a robot arm.

This toy is an absolute feat of engineering and a clear labor of love from Hasbro. All six arms have ball-jointed shoulders and double-jointed elbows. Six hands, six weapons. All the hands have the correct four fingers. It's fucking amazing, and one of my favorite figures this year. Speaking of figures this year...

Getting Dengar like I did set me on a path. Dengar and Boba Fest put me at 2 out of six of the Empire Strikes Back bounty hunters. Hasbro makes all six. Two of them, IG-88 and Boss, are currently unavailable at anything resembling a reasonable price, but Zuckuss and 4-LOM can be had for a perfectly normal price at Amazon, where conveniently I had to buy something very cheap that I didn't want to pay shipping on. So now I have FOUR of the six ESB bounty hunters, and will keep my eyes open for an inevitable redo or re-release of the other two.

Zuckuss is... fine. He's a little lighter than you'd think he would be, and his cloth robe is plain, but he looks like the character mostly and has all the standard Black Series joints. So like a six out of 10.

4-LOM is garbage. Some of that is the fault of 4-LOM's design. Some of it is the fault of society. I mean, how hard are you gonna work on a 4-LOM figure in today's world? But still, he's awful. Barely moves. Kinda spindly and cheap feeling. A 3/10 or a 3.5 if I'm feeling generous because he looks like what he is, a kitbash of shit probably lying around the Lucasfilm prop room when they needed six bounty hunters stopped giving a shit after two or three were designed.

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