Wednesday, April 12, 2023

BEST GIFT: Custom Orange Cassidy and Danhausen

Cathy had been wanting to give me my birthday present early for a couple of weeks. And two Wednesdays before the actual day, I got distracted from feeding the cats dinner (shared household task) because I was watching Orange Cassidy and Danhausen win a Tag Team casino Battle Royale to qualify for the four-way at the Revolution pay per view.

So she gets out a box, hands it to me, and holy shit. 12" clothed figures of both guys. Hand-made. Orange Cassidy is a Lionel Messi head painted blonde. Danhausen is some Luftwaffe pilot head she found on the Internet. She made all the clothes. Drew the T-shirt. Drew the tattoos. For like a year, on and off. I am, in many ways, not worthy.


I'm just gonna fill this with pics, frankly. Words don't do them justice. Future plans for more Danhausen gear are in the works, but it's great to have the classic Unboxing Toys In Davis's Basement look. Cathy will claim that the hand-drawn tattoos do not merit closer inspection, but I beg to differ and only a dozen people will see this anyway.

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