Friday, April 1, 2022

Figure Photography: “Dream Match 2”

Dream Match 2 also features Orange Cassidy, in one of his more active modes. The hands-in-pockets shotgun dropkick! 

Does OC usually have his jacket, shirt, and shades on when he does this? No. Was I gonna take all that stuff off for the picture and then try to find it / get it back on? Also no. This paragraph shouldn’t be an excuse to get his second Jazwares figures if I were to find one so I should stop thinking that way RIGHT NOW.

Cassidy’s opponent is none other than PUDGY PIG, first season Power Rangers villain and astonishingly fun toy. Did I want the fork to look like it might be poking OC? No. Was I gonna try to recreate the delicate balance of stands that made this pose possible to take another picture with the fork in a different position? Also no. This leaves the photo up for interpretation which I believe makes it GOOD ART.

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