Thursday, June 7, 2018

Weekly Wrasslin’ Wroundup (6/4-6/6)

Looking forward to this match so much...
As Money In The Bank approaches, things slow to a crawl. But there were still a few Events of Significance. Oh, and the Zayn-Lashley thing is still going on and is still awful, in case you were curious.

It’s Cross Vs. Baszler At Takeover

Takeover gets yet another match I really want to see, after another great Cross-Baszler confrontation.

Baron Corbin Is Raw’s New Constable

This is even dumber than it sounds, and reeks of trying to find something for Corbin to do on a show with only one singles title in play. He’s not suited for the role at all. It’s totally against his Lone Wolf character. And it’ll be forgotten quickly enough.

The B Team vs. Th eDeleters Of Worlds at Money In The Bank

As expected, the B Teamp’s weird “let’s make this a thing” push continues, as they win a tag team battle royal. Two comedy underdogs who’ve languished in jobber hell for years will thus face an old guy who can’t wrestle but has a good gimmick, and a guy with a stale gimmick whose only effect from going through the Lake of Reincarnation is basically imprinting on Matt Hardy. The Raw tag division is a goddamned mess.


Bonus Kudos to most of the Smackdown roster, who, with the notable exception of Big Cass, seem to have a newfound energy. The New Day stuff, the Samoa Joe stuff, the AJ/Nakamura stuff, even the Usos/Lana/English stuff has been crackling with an energy that Raw’s been lacking. Except, again, for Big Cass, who’s lost all his spark.

Bonus Kudos to Mustafa Ali and Buddy Murphy for putting on another barnburner of a main event on 205 Live, even if it was interrupted by Hideo Itami, his stupid finisher, and his stupid demands for respect that didn’t get him over as a heel in NXT either.

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