Sunday, November 12, 2017

Arrow: “Deathstroke Returns”

You’re lucky he was here, episode of Arrow.
I completely forgot to write about last week’s Arrow, because last week’s Arrow was mediocre and dull. I can barely remember what it was about. Google confirms my suspicion it was the one with the hacker friend and the Room Where The Entire Internet Lives, which explains why I wanted to block it out.
This week brings us a sort of two-parter if you count the part where Deathstroke The Terminator and Oliver Queen go to Generic Foreign Country to rescue Slade’s son, who doesn’t need rescuing because he’s the leader of a feared group of mercenary rebels or something.

I mean, the episode has what it needs to have. It has Slade and Oliver interacting, which is always good. It has Hardass FBI Cherry From GLOW breathing down Our Heroes’ necks as they try to save an anti-vigilante legislator from the vigilante Vigilante. And it has Slade flashbacks and an incredible fight scene where Deathstroke takes out two dozen of his son’s incredibly feared and deadly merc rebels, who appear to be no tougher than any other group of Arrow goons.

So I’m going to give it a pass for the reveal that Vigilante is Dinah’s dead ex partner, saved by the same particle accelerator blast that gave her her powers. It’s a dumb reveal and an unhelpful reveal that makes him EVEN MORE PUNISHERY when he was already too Punishery, but I expect this particular arc to not waste more than two more episodes. Three, tops. So I can manage.

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