Sunday, November 12, 2023



Finishing off the half of the Marvel Legends X-Men ‘97 wave that I want (sorry, Bishop, Sorm (got one just like her already) and Wolverine (ditto), it’s Gambit!

And what better way to represent Gambit than a metaphor for his entire animated characterization, surfing on a giant wave of gumbo.

Gonna be honest, here’s how this pic started, using some Creative Commons images:

And this is fine. But sometimes, as the Dead Milkmen once said, you neeeeeeeds a little somethin’ extra, and so it was off to Bing Image creator, because I think an ethical use of AI is to create things with it literally nobody else would need or ever want, so “bit wave of gumbo” fit that bill perfectly.

Oh, the figure? He’s good. No double elbows, so these arms probably come from some old-ass Gambit figure, but like Rogue, he comes with very specific custom hands. The right holds the staff (a bit loosely) and the left can either be flinging cards, or swapped for a sort of narrow V on the first two fingers of the right hand which can hold a separately-included energy-charged card. He did not come with a gyro, not even a floppy one.

Otherwise pretty standard stuff, but since I’m fleshing out my “main” cast of animated X-Men and really regretting thinking I didn’t want the VHS Jubilee and now it’s too late, it’s good to have a Gambit. I guar-onn-teeee.

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