Tuesday, August 1, 2023

OFF THE SHELF: The Marvels


It is the most microscopic of tiniest of problems, but this entire year has been very confusing when it comes to how, when, where, and for how long Target gets, stocks, and clearances any given Marvel Legends wave.

Case in point. I have yet to see a single Guardians of the Galaxy 3 figure, even though that movie just his streaming and came out on Blu-Ray. But The Marvels wave was on shelves on Saturday, three plus months before the movie hits theaters.. Or at least half of it was. Including the only two figures I wanted from the half-MCU, half-comic wave, Monica Rambeau as Photon, and Ms. Marvel.

Photon is fantastic - sculpt, paint, head, face, all spot on. Articulation is decent - standard Marvel Legends female body up to this point with double elbows and knees. 

Ms. Marvel’s head looks better than it does in any of the promotional photographs, digital renders, or even this picture here. I can’t explain it. Photos accentuate the slight oddness to both the smirky facial expression and the execution of that expression in a way just looking at it doesn’t. 

Otherwise she’s fine, but honestly, this is my third Ms. Marvel figure (Gamerverse Avengers, TV Show, Marvels) and I don’t really need three Ms. Marvels, even though the outfits are slightly different and the Gamerverse one has the embiggening limbs. But this one came with an accessory above and beyond the Amadeus Cho Hulk Build A Figure piece, and the accessory was a must-have.

FLERKITTEN WITH TENTACLES. Tentacles that are specifically designed to grab hold of a six inch figure, although obviously some kind of stand is gonna be needed to hold, say, Kris “Galaxy’s Greatest Alien” Statlander up while she’s in there. But come on. Gotta have the Flerkitten.

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