Saturday, July 29, 2023

FIG PHOTO: The Egghead Club

So, as I just mentioned, I had  a second reason for wanting Marvel Legends’ Egghead. It’s because I also had DC’s Egghead, specifically, Vincent Price Egghead from Batman ‘66. And two Eggheads means fun, and for me, fun means spending a not insignificant chunk of my Saturday trying to stop the photo site I got this free cafe image from to stop fucking e-mailing me. Oh, and also making this picture.

The egg cups on the table were Cathy’s idea, and boy is Google’s algorithm gonna have a fun time making head or tails of THAT search.

But this image was just the setup. The beginning of the story. Exposition, if you will. I had a more intricate narrative in mind, a deeper story to tel, and for that, I had to look to the Marvel Legends Fantastic Four wave:

Was it villainy? Snobbishness? The fact that Reed Richards’ head wasn’t currently shaped like an egg, even though it could be?  We may never know. Like all great art, the perspective of those viewing it is what matters. 

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