Friday, July 28, 2023

SLOW MONTH: Marvel’s Egghead

The last two weeks have been very calm before the storm, while I wait for the slate of August preorders (currently at 8 figs assuming nothing else ships early) and try to beat Synapse. 

This was an online impulse buy that ended up taking forever to get to ,e because when I got around to pulling the trigger once I had enough preorders for free shipping, it was backordered. It’s Egghead, from the Marvel Legends Quantumania wave. 

Egghead is a weird deep cut Marvel villain that I mostly know from Avengers cartoon, and I mostly got him because he’s a weird deep cut and for another reason I’m working on. I didn’t care about the rest of the wave because I already have perfectly fine Ant Man and Wasp figures, and MCU Kang is now… problematic. 

He came with the big torso of the Giant Cassie Lang build a figure, which means he came with nothing but his gun, but otherwise he’s a solid, very middle of the road Legends figure. 

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