Monday, February 20, 2023

THE LONGEST PREOREER: Zombie Sailor Danhausen


November, 2021.

Less than a month before this, then-independent wrestler Danhausen broke his legs in a match on Halloween 2021. Shortly thereafter, Zombie Sailor started taking preorders for a Danhausen entry in its Heels and Faces line of retry-styled wrestling figures. Of course I preordered one. Original ship date was, I believe, April 2022.

April came and went. No toy. The year rolled on. Zombie Sailor announced additional accessories to make up for the delay. Months passed. The year ended with production updates over the course of November and December. Finally, the figures shipped, and I got mine. Was it worth the wait?

Well, sort of? On the upside, the bonus accessories (jar of teeth, bag of money, hands to hold them) really make the figure shine. It’d be much worse without them. Plus, the cape is great, with a wire for poseability. And generally, it’s a well-made and well-painted figure.

BUT. I’m not a big fan of the LJN retro figure style with the weird proportions, weird scale, and limited poseability. At the time of the preorder, I thought maybe this would be the only Danhausen figure I’d have access to. But  by the time the toy shipped, not only did Danhausen get signed by AEW, his first official AEW figure was announced and should be available for preorder relatively soon. 

Still, this is a look we’re unlikely to get form Jazwares, so I don’t regret the purchase. And the standard hands nd articulation are good for one thing, which you’ll be seeing very soon.

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