Tuesday, February 21, 2023

IMPULSE BUY: Marvel Select Juggernaut


I’ve been wanting a Juggernaut for the collection for a while now. I really wanted the Marvel Legends one, but it was only available in a Target 2-pack with Colossus, and after a few months of watching the price on the pack creep in the wrong direction on eBay, I pretty much resigned myself to not getting it.

The other option was the Marvel Select Colossus. I tend to avoid the Diamond Select figures because of their slightly larger scale, their more limited articulation, and their higher price point, but every once in a while, one is suitable. For example, the Sam Wilson MCU Captain America, who, unlike the Marvel Legends version, doesn’t make you buy five other crappy figures to get his damn wings.

With Juggernaut, the larger scale isn’t an issue at all, because Juggernaut’s size is pretty variable depending on the source material as it is. This chonker is pretty much in scale with the Deadpool 2 Juggernaut, allowing, for example, this:

Now, big figures are notoriously more difficult to pose, and Marvel Select figures are notoriously difficult to pose, so it’s no shock that ol’ Juggs’ range of motion is less than ideal. But the sheer massiveness helps make up for it. He fits in nicely with some of the recent Marvel Legends larger figures:

And, of course, there was the On Sale motivation at a place I was grabbing a present from anyway. So he joins the collection and weigs down the Marvel bin by la significant amount. Shame the helmet isn’t removable, though.

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