Monday, July 11, 2016

@jmidnight Power Rankings (July 5-7)

Short week this week, going into an off week while The Daily Show preps for the Republican convention,. The big winners this week were Riki Lindholm and Ron Funches, but there weren't any horrible performances over the three days.

  1. Riki Lindholme (Th)
  2. Ron Funches (W)
  3. Marcella Arguello (W)
  4. Thomas Lennon (Th)
  5. Natasha Leggero (Th)
  6. Matt Braunger (W)
  7. Emily Fleming (T)
  8. John Ross Bowie (T)
  9. Jay Mandyam (T)

If you must choose at this late date, watch the shows in reverse order and stop after two if you run out of time. Nothing wrong with Tuesday's episode, really, but it was just OK.

  1. Thursday
  2. Wednesday
  3. Tuesday

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