Sunday, February 4, 2024

SEMI-IMPULSE BUY: The Rest Of The D&D Cartoon


If you are some kind of eidetic-memory wunderkind, you’ll remember that last year, I bought the first wave of D&D Cartoon figures, along with the Dungeon Master / Venger 2-pack, on clearance at Target.

At the time, my plan was to wait for Wave 2 to come out, see if they go on clearance at Target, then complete the team. And then I forgot about it. And then Super7 announced their ridiculously expensive D&D Cartoon figures, and it reminded me of Wave 2. So I went poking around, and while I didn’t find them half off like Target, I did find them on sale at a couple places, so I grabbed them.

Like Wave 1, they’re both very accurate / evocative to the cartoon designs, and also  very low effort. Slightly gummy joints, minimal articulation by Hasbro standards, basically Black Series engineering at sub-Marvel Legends detail.

The big exception is Presto, who comes with a removable hat, a hairpiece with a plug to keep the hat on, a no-hat hair piece, a basic glow you can stick in the hat, and the elaborate spell effect you can see above that plugs into the hat and clips onto an arm. It’s very well designed.

Which is why it’s a shame that I had to hide his left arm behind Eric’s shield here, because his left elbow was stuck and snapped off rather than articulate and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet. 

Anyway, the team is complete and I don’t have to worry about anything else from this cartoon, unless, like a lot of Super7 Ultimates obscure properties, the Shadow Demons they announced go on clearance for a reasonable price. They’re cool, but they ain’t 55 bucks cool.

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