Saturday, April 15, 2023

March Acquisitions Part 4: Dungeons, Dragons, and Opportunistic Snakes

Back in... January? January, when Hasbro released the Target-exclusive figures based on the old, tacky Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, I was intrigued. Then I saw reviews, and decided that these were not full price purchases. Weird articulation and just a general "you're charging $25 a pop for WHAT now?" vibe.

But since they were Target, I also knew that the odds were good that the clearance would come sooner or later. And it was sooner rather than later, because within two months, they were on shelves for half off. All of them. Including the two-pack of Venger and Dungeon Master, although that took longer and is a whole other story. 

At $12.50 a pop these things are a goddamned steal. I don't care enough about the cartoon to complain about the slight changes from the animated models - you look at these and you know EXACTLY what they are. The limited posing options are also way more amenable at the lower price point. Definitely a worthy snag. Only problem is, will I be willing to play chicken when the rest of the team comes out and I want to complete it? I think so, because the odds of them being available on Hasbro Pulse for many months to come are very high.

I wasn't expecting to get Dungeon Master and Venger on clearance. I'd hopped a bus to Target specifically to take advantage of their $10 off $50 in toys to make sure I got the two pack and save at least some money on it. But when I got to my local Target, they'd pretty recently put the two-pack on 50% clearance. So I did some poking around, and found a DIFFERENT two pack on clearance. Which let em take advantage of the $10 off $50, so stack the discounts and hoard the plastics.

This is the second release of this Snake Eyes and Timber two-pack from GI Joe Classified, a line I dip into very, very infrequently. But it's Snake Eyes. And an articulated wolf. On clearance. For cheap. This was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, coming home with me. They're both great toys - peak Hasbro design and engineering. Tons of joints on both, two heads for Timber, guns, extra hands, piles of accessories. Hell of a clearance buy if you can find one.

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