Saturday, April 15, 2023

March Acquisitions Part 2: DISCOUNT RAMPAGE

March was supposed to be the slow month. The calm before the April preorder storm. And those fuckers knew it. Especially the fuckers at Hasbro Pulse, who threw a warehouse sale with 30% off a whole pile of stuff.

But I didn't go in blindly. I know that if Hasbro has reached the point that they need to discount a thing, other retailers have probably been discounting those things for a while. And since I had my eye on filling in some Black Series holes in the collection, I did some googling, and found that Kids Warehouse had nearly everything I wanted from Hasbro, only for much cheaper. Including the Dengar in the soon to be outdated picture above.

Dengar is fine. There's sort of a basic level of Black Series figure quality, build, sculpt, paint, articulation and accessories. A solid 7 out of 10. And Dengar nails that seven. An excellent figure to get cheap.

Archive Series Chewbacca is like a 7.5, by which I mean he's an 8 for whom it's almost impossible to get his nowcaster into his hands, ergo 7.5. The nowcaster comes in three parts - partly for packaging and partly for no good damn reason, and the entirely closed off grip combined with the shape and stiffness of his hands means it's a good thing I got Boussh Leia so he can stand around pretending to be a prisoner.

Archive Boussh Leia is a Black Series 9, no doubt about it. Removable helmet, cloth cape, big stick, even a Space Grenade that pegs firmly to her belt. Thermal detonator. That's what they called space grenades in Star Wars. Thermal detonators. Anyway, no notes on her. Great figure.

Archive Palpatine is another solid 7. Cloth robe, stick, decent sculpt. That is not his purple lightning effect. He doesn't come with purple lightning effects.  This is a deeply stupid choice, because Palpatine does three things. Sits, stands, and shoots lightning out of his hands. This figure can accurately recreate two of those things out of the package. So it's a good thing I got some purple lightning with...

Lightning Collection Scorpina, the penultimate extant pre-Turbo Power Rangers Lightning Collection figure on my "they made it so I should probably buy it" list. Scorpina was only available in a two pack with a redundant Yellow Ranger, so I'd held off for a long time. But I was able to get the two-pack for $15, so an extra Yellow Ranger and possibly redundant extra Aisha head, plus all the weapons and accessories, was no longer an obstacle. Plus she came with purple lightning effects, ostensibly for her weapon, but for anyone with a close association with purple lightning, really.

With that out of the way, there were still two things to take advantage of from the Pulse warehouse sale that I couldn't get elsewhere cheaper:

 Black Series Archive Greedo is like an 8.5. He doesn't come with much but Greedo only does two things. Sits, and shoots second, and he has everything he needs to accomplish both those things. And finally...

The Hasbro Pulse Exclusive Marvel Legends Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends three-pack, which was an absolute no-go at its $75 release price, because I'd already went and got the single-pack Forester off eBay before they announced this, and thus technically I had 2/3 of the team, only missing an Iceman who's an X-Men comics repaint and is kind of off model.

But take a third off the price, make Forester pines, and give me another cartoon Spider without cel-shading in the second-best Spider body Hasbro makes? Well, suddenly things become a lot more appealing. Plus now I have TWO different Ms. Lion figurines, so the possibilities there are... still limited. 

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