Thursday, April 7, 2022

Figure Photography: May Be Trouble


Not gonna lie. I had so much fun making this it validated the entire idea to start doing this. 

Finding a good Spidey (the 2001 Toy Biz Spider-Man Classics - probably not the best Spidey made but the best basic Peter Parker Spidey in my collection), grabbing a web from the Marvel Legends Miles Morales / Spider-Gwen 2-Pack I bought when Into the Spider-Verse came out and I didn’t know a couple years later they’d put out good ones (which, yes, I have), and, of course, 1998’s horrifying Famous Covers Aunt May.

And finding the background. And positioning the figures eyeballing the fight angle for the background. And taping the web to the side of the photo box so it sits at the right angle. And meticulously fixing the parts of the web the AI-driven photo apps either removed too much of or not enough of. And positioning everything. in the frame. 

It was just pure fun from start to finish, and it makes me want to reorganize all my stored and displayed figures and inventory them just so I know what I have for projects like this. I haven’t started that yet. But I might.

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