Monday, March 28, 2022

The Famous Covers Collection Is Complete

’ve bought a lot of toys over a lot of years, but one of the absolute peak times was the late 90’s and early 2000’s. And a big thing in that time was the Toy Biz “Famous Covers” series.

The idea was to bring back the old Mego style, of 8” dolls with cloth costume, but update them with a rubberband-free body and generally higher quality.

The main Famous Covers line encompassed Marvel Comics characters of the time, but the form factor itself was used in a few other areas, including X-Men movie toys, X-Men Evolution cartoon figures, and a few others. DC followed suit and got in with a few of their own.

There were a couple of figures I never got. One of them was the Red Skull, who was a comic shop exclusive, which I stumbled on in a toy hunt video from AEW wrestlers Ethan Page and Danhausen here in Minneapolis. It was still at the store, I grabbed it, and realized I was one figure away from a complete set. That one figure? Aunt May.

Aunt May was a mailaway I never mailed away for. Aunt May is… something. Let me just drop this dramatic package reveal video and you’ll understand why I never got one and maybe why I had to get one now.

If you can get past the head and the hands, there’s some stuff to like here. The outfit is nice except where it bunches up weird around the neck. There are bloomers under the skirt and soft slippers and everything is pretty well made. But man, good luck getting past the head and the hands.

But she wasn’t expensive at all for a 20+ year old toy only available via mail-order, and more importantly, I HAVE THEM ALL NOW. I can close that door. Sure, the recent MEGO revival has me opening that door again, but shut up shut up shut up.

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