Friday, January 20, 2017

Oh, The Metahumanity! (1/17)

One more week before shit comes back in force. Luckily, Agents of SHIELD is off to a very solid head start. So to spea.

Agents Of SHIELD: "The Patriot" (15% Stupid)

And we have our Jeffrey Mace backstory. A decent guy who got picked due to a quirk of fate to become an "Enhanced asset", pretending to be an Inhuman by using a modified version of the Jekyll/Hyde serum that Daisy's dad developed to be strong and invulnerable when he needs to be. It's a nice update to the original Patriot backstory in the AoS world, and the final resolution, keeping Mace around as the public face of SHIELD while Coulson handles operational shit, is satisfying.

We also have some interesting developments in the LMD storyline. Radcliffe appears to be occupying a sort of middle ground on evil. Not a horrible guy, but one with goals and needs in opposition to SHIELD. Meanwhile, Darkhold Ada is either running her own game, or is becoming more difficult for Radcliffe to control. RoboMay doesn't, or didn't, at least, know she's a robot - she figures it out after an injury at the end of the episode but doesn't tell anyone. Real May is furiously fighting Radcliffe and Ada's attempts to control her. The ballsiest thing they could do this season would be to kill Real May and have her replaced by nearly identical and SHIELD-loyal Robo-May, but I doubt that's in the cards.

Which leaves us the dumb subplot. Fitz, Simmons, and the head of Early Model Ada. Fitz is obsessed with Ada for reasons never fully explained or explored beyond an annoying need to "protect" Simmons, and Simmons is full of hate for robots, again for reasons never fully explained or explored. It's an overplayed conflict between the two, who've barely had any time to even be a couple on the show. And Fitz, especially, is tough to watch in this mode.

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