Tuesday, May 21, 2024

THE POUND: Bebop, Rocksteady, More Turtle Plans, Etc.

 With the Turtles, I was in for a penny. This starts the pound.

That is to say, if I’m gonna collect Turtles, much like with the Transformers, there’s a short list of main characters I want for the collection. Shredder. Splinter. April O’Neil. Bebop. Rocksteady. Maybe a Foot Ninja of some sort. I already have Casey Jones, so that’s that.

Shredder and April have been out of production long enough that no viable options currently exist, so I’m going to have to wait for some kind of new version. I have a Mirage Comics Splinter picked out, but I’m waiting for the pocketbook to recover from the iPad upgrade to place the order and add it to my Pile of Loot. 

Clearly, I got Bebop and Rockssteady. But it took work. You see, a cartoon Bebop/Rocksteady 2-pack was ALSO part of Haulathon. Part of NECA’s Week 2 website drops. Sold out immediately, not that I knew at that point that I’d want them since I still didn’t have turtles.

There was SOME evidence that Target was selling them, mostly a few showing up on eBay, but no sign of them in the Haulathon or regular sections of multiple Targets. 

But I did the old-school hunting thing of going to odd Targets when the opportunity presented itself, and tucked away in the non-Haulathon section with a few other random Turtle two-packs were these big boys.

And man, they’re nice. Short on accessories compared to single-pack figures, but at $10 cheaper than two single figures, and with extra articulation, it all balances out. And they look great. They have double jointed elbows and knees that go past 90, though because of the bulk, not all the way to 180. Which wasn’t a thing I thought NECA did, so I’m grateful for that.

They’ve got extra hands, identical rifles and pistols, and a communicator I’m sure I’ll find on the floor soon.

This, and the other Turtle photos also highlight a new trick I’ve been using to find backgrounds on the internet. Instead of searching for screenshots of backgrounds or show clips, I’ve been searching for cels that are or were from the series. These will be high resolution and often have no characters or small, easily erasable characters. It’s been great, and you’ll see it shown off again soon.

Oh, also also - this features a Donatello accessory none of the other pics show - his spinning bo staff effect. It’s great, and I especially like the weird partial-erasure thing my automatic cutout software did. Usually it’s a pain in the ass but here I liked how it looked.

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