Monday, January 24, 2022

Game Pass: The New Batch

Been a while since I talked Game Pass but a shit-ton of new games came out recently and I’ve been trying them out. Haven’t found anything to tear me away or even really distract me from my current obsession (another post) but I gave everything I downloaded a try except Elite Dangerous which wanted me to create an account with the developer company and I ain’t gonna do controller password entry to fuck with a free game.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

I got the DoDonPachi seires of bullet hell shooters and the Danganronpa series of anime high school murder visual novels mixed up in my head and downloaded this by mistake. It’s not a bullet hell shooter even though the name sure makes it sound like one. Visual novelsare the exact opposite of my bag.

Nobody Saves The World

Jury is still out on this. It’s a top-down ARPG with a great art style, solid pedigree (the Guacamelee folks) and interesting mechanics. The difficulty seems steep though, and a not insignificant fraction of the interface is a bit unfriendly to my garbage eyes.

Death’s Door

A gorgeous isometric action-game-with-upgrades with huge worlds, a tiny protagonist, and the reaping of souls. It was going great. Everything’s smooth, everything’s easy to see. But then I died. And it sent me back. Way back. Like fifteen minutes of play back. Like a bunch of successful combats and a big interaction with a tutorial character back. This is how games make me angry. Irrevocably angry? We’ll see.

Windjammers 2

I want very. Much to be able to play this game, a mix of volleyball, Pong, Speedball, and Tron with a very Sega 16 bit vibe. But it’s probably one of those games where everyone else in the universe will understand and master the many, many. Mechanics and the various situations in which it’s appropriate to use them and I’ll be wondering what the fuck even happened.

Hitman 3

Every couple of years I try to check in with the state of the art in stealth games to see if maybe I don’t hate stealth games there’s just never ever been a good one. I like to do this for free because in my heart of hearts, I know I hate stealth games.

The first few minutes were good. I was playing the training mission, following the clear objectives, and was told to blend in behind the bar and eavesdrop. I blended in behind the bar. For about a minute there was nothing to eavesdrop, so I stopped blending in behind the bar, immediately got recognized, and while the game didn’t fail me, it did put me in a position where it would no longer really tell me how to get out of the situation I’d put myself in. Stealth games continue to not be for me.

Record Of Lodoss War: Long Subtitle

It’s a fairly bog-standard Metroidvania with a lot more Vania than Metroid, from the graphics style to even the font. It’s not bad per se, but it’s a little clunky and completely and utterly unnecessary unless you’re into the anime.

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