Thursday, April 12, 2018

Agents of SHIELD: “Inside Voices”

Thank goodness for fun character moments.
I’m not sure how comfortable I am with Agents of SHIELD’s embrace of future-vision predestination in the second half of the season.

Execution wise, “Inside Voices” is fine to good, as long as you continue to ignore the overall weakness of General Hale’s entire motivation and scheme. Which the episode makes fairly easy by putting most of the focus on Coulson, whose unflappable nature makes the whole short-term prisoner storyline much easier to watch.

But the show has spent two episodes with both Yo Yo and Simmons convinced that they’re going to survive into the future, not because they’ve read their contracts, but rather because they know they survive in the future they’re tyring to prevent.

What this means is that the protection could literally vanish at any moment if they do manage to change the future, in which case it’s useless, or the future can’t be changed, in which case everything they’re doing is useless. It seems odd that Simmons et al aren’t even discussing this, given how quickly they’ve embraced the basic premise, to the extent that Simmons straight up risks her life to prove it. It’s an odd, discordant note in an otherwise decent arc.

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