Sunday, December 10, 2017

Weekly Wrasslin’ Wroundup (12/4-6)

So unnecessary.
Really odd week in WWE, with what seemed like both a lot and a little happening at the same time. On the upside, we got a lot of good wrestling in the process. Events Of Significance:a

Clash Of Champions Is Going To Be Garbage

The next Smackdown PPV, next weekend, is loading up its matches with extra people to get everyone on the card. The Women’s Title Match is a Lumberjack Match, despite no history of Natalya and Charlotte running away from each other. The tag match is a Fatal Four Way between the Usos, the New Day, Benjagable, and now Rusev and Aiden English, who are strangely getting over. And the United States match between Roode and Corbin now has Dolph Ziggler unceremoniously tossed into it. Ugh.

Matt Hardy Is Wokebroken

I never followed the Broken Matt Hardy stuff in TNA, so I don’t know how accurate his WWE version is to that, but I certainly would much rather watch Matt Hardy wpout insane nonsense about time travel and deletion than watch him try to carry the Hardy Boys legacy solo while Jeff is out. He’s going up against Bray Wyatt, which is probably the best thing that can happen to him at this point.

Nobody Is The New Champion

Jason Jordan didn’t win the Intercontinental Championship from Roman Reigns, and The Shield didn’t win the tag belts from Shesaro. Matches were good though. Samoa Joe wants to beat up everybody, specifically Roman and Jordan.

Dain and Gargano Advance

Due to Drew McIntyre’s injury, there’s four singles matches and a Fatal Four Way between the winners to determine the new #1 Contender for the NXT Championship. This week, Killian Dain beat Trent Seven and Johnny Gargano beat Cassius Ohno to advance. The second one, especially, was a great match with an ideal finish.

Someone’s Gonna Face Drew Gulak For The Chance To Challenge Enzo

It was going to be Rich Swann, but Swann just got suspended for maybe putting his girlfriend in a headlock and getting arrested for it, so who knows what thye’ll do. Probably just sub in Alexander because WWE’s still a bit racist. Whatever happens, the most interesting thing would be a Gulak win so that probably won’t happen.

Owens And Zayn Are Doing Their Thing

It’s fun to watch, but now they have to / get to wrestle Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura with their jobs on the line at Clash. Let’s hope Orton eats the pin and not Nakamura.

Nia Jax and Enzo Amore Romance

Apparently, they want to keep Jax away from both the title picture and Absolution to protect her. This is not a great way of doing that.

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